I’m a Come-Here Posted February 19, 2014


Cabinet from The Green Doors

You find what you want right at home!

I had been looking for months for just-the-right cabinet for a nook between the kitchens.   Had to be 39 inches wide and only 12-16 inches deep. Ellicott City, Baltimore, everywhere I went I would check to see what they had.

Finally while I was down town visiting out best friends at the Corner Shoppe, I walked across the street to a new shop, The Green Doors.  She has a really interesting shop that has jewelry, candle holders made from sea glass, and the unexpected.  She also has vintage furniture that she paints with milk paint.

There it was! Perfect for the little nook.  I opt not to have it painted, just put sheer curtains inside the doors, and filled it up.