I’m a Come-Here

Doug and I (Sherry) own The Cedars Bed and Breakfast in Snow Hill, Maryland.We moved to Snow Hill in 1999 and began working on changing our 22-room historical home into a bed and breakfast.

It did not take long to realize that Snow Hill is a very special town. Snow Hill was settled betweemn1686 and 1700.The towns’ people cling to different dates, but the town signs proudly proclaim 1686.

Snow Hill on the PocomokeIt is a picturesque, little river town where trees still line some of the streets and grand houses have been restored to their historic grandeur or wait quietly for someone to come-here and fall in love with it.

That’s the population here!!You are a Come-here or a Born-here and we ALL love Snow Hill.(Except, of course, for the teenagers who can’t wait to leave “SLOW HILL” only to return in later years.

I am sure that some of you have small town stories to contribute as well.I would love to have you share stories of small town life.Let me know how to keep our town alive with growth but not loose our friendly, caring, and inviting feeling that makes Snow Hill so special.