Owners of the Cedars

Walter P. Snow
The Johnson Family
Judge and Lawyer – 1881-1945
Lawyer – 1850-1881
The Hitmans, Lumber Business 1945-1975
The Monti Family, Pharmacist, 1975-1999
Doug, Sherry, Family, & Guests 1999 to Present,
The Cedars Bed & Breakfast opened September 2007
The Cedars is a newly restored, elegant Bed and Breakfast central to Ocean City, Delaware, and the lower shore of Virginia. The restoration has maintained the original horse hair plaster, many original lights and fireplace covers. Wallpaper patterns were chosen from the styles used in the 1880’s

The Walter P. Snow House

The Walter P. Snow house was built in 1850. Walter P. Snow was a lawyer who practiced in Snow Hill, the county seat of  Worcester County, MD.  He was known as a kindly man. Ann and Walter owned the home until 1881. Established in 1642, Snow Hill was the center of business and produce for the Eastern Shore. The navigatable Pocomoke River ended at Snow Hill, which made the town a center of commerce and transportation, connecting the Eastern Shore to cities such as Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia.
It is one of the grandest homes on Federal Street in Snow Hill.

In 1858 the home was sold to Thomas Z. Johnson, a circuit court judge and his wife, Ann.
In 1945 Benjamin Hitman, who was in the lumber business, became the owner.
In 1975  it was sold to Mr. Monti, a pharmacist.
In 1999 the property was puchased by Doug and Sherry Glascox. We are the 5th owners of this beautiful estate.   The Snow Hill library has a special section on geneology, which is just a short walk from our home. Take the time to see if you have family from the Eastern Shore.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our guests with the ultimate Bed and Breakfast experience on the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland.

We Respect Green

At The Cedars, we use efficient lighting wherever possible. We recycle, compost and have an organic garden which offers fresh vegetables and fruits when in season.  Sheets and linens are line-dried.  We find that many of our guests also choose to be green

by their using linen responsibly and helping us to recycle. However, if at any time you wish to have your linens refreshed, we are happy to oblige.

The Ambiance and Elegance of Yesterday… Today